2018.11.16 Last Week in Digital Media

Yes, I know I said there wouldn’t be the Last Week in Digital Media update this week but given the Facebook news (read on) I had to find a way to get an update out. I hope you find it useful.


Editorial: There are more questions than answers after all of the reports and leaks. There is definitely a need for transparency and Facebook needs to demonstrate it can (and deserves to) be trusted by users, government, and advertisers. Perhaps the most positive thing to come out the news cycle is Zuckerberg’s proposal of an independent Content Governance & Enforcement group. Although, this is a solution that is needed across all major tech. platforms not just Facebook and it feels like 2019 is set to be the year of industry regulation.



  • Lost amongst all the Facebook drama, was an important GDPR ruling out of France. I encourage you to read the full tweet thread by NY Times reporter Robin Berjon. In short, an unknown French location data company “Vectaury” was found to be collecting data without consent (no fine, able to remediate) but it does call into question in-app consent and also the validity of IAB Consent framework. Notably “You cannot pass consent to another controller through a contractual relationship”. To quote Berjon “This means that if someone gains consent for you, and you have a contract saying it’s their responsibility to do so, you *still* have the obligation to verify that the consent is valid.” There’s a lot more to come on this ruling and make sure you get the appropriate legal advice.
  • There’s an important documentary on PBS about the people that moderate content across Facebook and Google. It’s disturbing but highlights just how dark and non-safe the internet is, as well as the human cost of policing the dark side of the web.

Have a great week and a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!