2019.04.19 Last Week in Digital Media

It’s time for another last week in digital media, here’s what you may have missed:


  • If you’re on Instagram (or manage Instagram for a client) change your password now. While the US news cycle was consumed with the Mueller report, Facebook updated a March blog post to reveal that millions of Instagram passwords were stored in plain text in addition to the previously revealed hundreds of millions of Facebook users. If you don’t already, this is a good time to start using a password manager.
  • a security researcher has discovered that Ad Blocking extensions can actually be vectors for malware and hacking. There’s a detailed write up here, but something to keep in your back pocket as a reason why people may want to think twice before blocking ads.
  • another advisory board has been disbanded, this time Google’s UK AI Advisory board for healthcare. The WSJ reports (paywall) that the board was frustrated with the lack of transparency and independence from Google.

Have an awesome week.